Experience Something New!

Wake surfing

for the whole family.

Experience the Hottest Growing Watersport in the Country.  WAKE SURFING!

It’s extremely low risk to injury activity is one that the entire family can enjoy.  Where wakeboarding can be too hard and risky for parents to partake in; Wake Surfing is the desired old people sport and the skateboarding like tricks that can be done on the wave make it the expressive sport that young people seek. 

Margaritaville pickups

Our partnership with einstien's caters to you

Due to our partnership with Einstien’s we can come straight to Margaritaville to pickup you and your party.  Just ask for us at the Einstien’s Kiosk and they can set everything up 

family fun for Everyone

Ask the staff at the Einstein's Kiosk for More Information

We drive You have fun

Sit back, relax, have a drink, and just be present with you family.  Make this a memory they will never forget.  It will be one of those days that lasts with them forever.  “Hey, you member that time we went Wakesurfing….”  Today is the day to give them that moment.

Lessons or Excursions

Don’t know how to wakesurf?  That’s fine, we offer lessons and can get you up surfing within the day.  Already know how to surf?  Then great, lets go surf.  Or do you want advanced lessons?  We have surfing pro’s that can teach you all the tricks (prior planning is needed to arrange for schedules).

For More Information visit our Perfection Wake Surfing website